Aug 23, 2005
Kelly Preston

A beautiful and talented woman with compassion.  She has recently come forth and has given her views on the horrors of psychiatry and the drugging of children.  She has been an active Scientologist for many years and is proud of her family to whom she applies the technology she has learned.

She has the respect of hundreds of thousands of people due to her willingness to speak about what she believes in in such an articulate and sincere manner.

Posted at 08:36 pm by redman

May 21, 2005
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been letting the world know how he succeeded. He is perhaps one of the most outspoken celebrities with regard to his spiritual beliefs, and how his religion helped him through the rough times. His honesty and direct communication regarding his past literacy problem and the solution he found to it is a credit to man. Though he experiences the glare of the public spotlight, he nevertheless pauses to tell us his story so that we can benefit. If you would like to advance the fields of religion and education as well, then check out the websites of his religion and the technology that solved his study disability.

Posted at 04:56 pm by redman

Aug 26, 2004
Shake your Spear, Thespians of the world!

"All the world's a stage..." and we are all actors, aren't we?

Posted at 01:18 pm by Actress

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